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Cervantes, aka Rob Bradley, is a British born working Film/TV composer for the moving image with work broadcast on the BBC, Current TV and Sky Horror. A composer, guitarist, musician, performer and engineer, he operates out of his South London, UK studio with frequent business in Los Angeles, CA.

An autodidact, Rob has 20 years music production, recording, mixing and performance experience and is fluent in a diverse range of modern day production styles with experience consulting for brand advertising, corporate public relation campaigns and music technology start-ups.

Presently wrapping an extensive body of new, original work scheduled for multiple releases in 2021, Rob chooses to operate under the guise 'Cervantes' for Film & Television work.

Latest Work

Submission: WestWorld Scoring Competition 2020, June 2020 [Spitfire Audio]

Commission: Meditation Audio Programme, Session 1. Chi Consulting, Norway. March 2019.