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- "Cervantes' music was essential to the success of Doctor's Without Borders: Medicine on the Edge. As we were telling the story of a very nuanced world, both emotionally and politically, library music just didn't cut it and we wanted someone who was as passionate about the project as we were � Cervantes delivered consistently ahead of schedule and seem to love giving us options and being collaborative; a brilliant composer to work with."
Lina Prestwood, Executive Producer, Current TV.

- "Cervantes has the most natural musical talent and along with a serious understanding of drama, his music brought a great deal to the storytelling, mood and atmosphere of Night Junkies. After that experience I have not hesitated in asking him to develop work to help pitch for further projects both in features and in TV. I would go no where else when thinking about scoring for the screen and can't recommend him highly enough."
Lewis Albrow, TV & Film Editor

- "Cervantes is a great, accomplished musician who pushes the boundaries to the furthest realms of the deep and the abstract. His Lynchian influence, blended with his electronic aesthetic allows the listener to fall deeper into their creative subconscious. Cervantes has an eye and ear for detail. His varied interests and passion for all genres of music, allows him to digest these influences into works of pure imagination and originality. Cervantes has been a pleasure to collaborate with. He listens to what the client wants and expresses his creative ideas with clarity. The final result is a dreamscape of sounds that are atmospheric, beautiful and surreal."
Robert Jury, Experimental Director/Editor.

- "Cervantes is a creative composer and his music adaptable to work across genre's. His track for Silo reflects the mood of the edit perfectly. He is alway willing to collaborate creatively to producer unique pieces of music."
Victor Frankowski, Director, CONTENT LONDON.

- "I love music in films and I love Rob's music. He can lend his hand to all kinds of moods with a thought and sensitivity which really capture the core of the feeling you are trying to achieve as a filmmaker. I'm a big fan of Cervantes' masterpiece 'Achieving Neptune'. The epic journey-like feel of this work seemed perfect for my boat-trip film 'Say Farewell' - powerful, sad, atmospheric - it takes you through the range of emotions. Along with other extracts taken from his oeuvre, Cervantes really helps to steer the film onwards down the Baltic."
David Veltman, Filmmaker

- "Rob is an exceptionally talented composer. He brings a finely honed cinematic style to the fore, while complimenting it with the ability to understand and reflect the story at the heart of the project he is composing for."
Lawrence Pearce, Writer/Director

- "A versatile composer, great at putting together those moody, broody soundtracks that would be quite a home in a David Lynch film."
Alex Sufit, Writer/Director, Lexitricity Productions.

- "Thanks for your fast turnaround on our American Crew job. Much appreciated!"
Regan Hall, Director/Producer, Progression Media.

- "I was lucky to have Cervantes on board for Chapter 3 of my fashion series with Loki Films. He was given few references and guidelines and managed to compose a soundtrack that was beyond expectations. With a dark and deep sound Cervantes' "You think Your Shaman Is Dead" enhanced exactly the mood and characters we were going for and took our video to another level."
Shelly d'Inferno, Heavenly Inferno