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Attempt at rescoring a scene from Dirty Harry.

Original score "Scorpio's View" by Lalo Schifrin.

Approaching temp music Article

Featured on, I discuss in an article the issue of temp music in film and it's relationship between filmmakers.


I took some time away from my commercial work as a Film/TV composer to work on a creative, conceptual self released EP entitled ACHIEVING NEPTUNE. The narrative arc moves from synth-rock to film music blending electronic and organic instrumentation with Mathias Schneeberger (JOSEPH ARTHUR, THE AFGHAN WHIGS) on hand in Los Angeles to assist me in completing this. Portions of Achieving Neptune have been licensed to SAY FAREWELL, an independent feature from David Veltman.

Achieving Neptune EP - Artist Statement

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air". Shakespeare, Macbeth Act 1, Scene i.

In various mythological, esoterical and historical literature, among the multiple psychological themes the planet Neptune is associated with include creativity, deception, addiction, illusion and redemption. Physical themes include water and extensive voyaging or journeying.

These themes converge for this experimental work, explored through a progressive arc of four movements. The intention is to evoke a visual narrative of motion or propulsion and ultimately, arrival at some otherworldly terrain.


Encompassing Jazz, Latin and Exotica, SPIRITO LOUNGE are a professional four-piece live, improvised lounge act dubbed "The Tarantino of Nu-Lounge!", filmed in London, March 2013.

Rob Bradley - Guitar
Graeme Mortimer Evelyn - Percussion
Ray Wright - Bass
James Ryan - Drums

Filmed by Katrin Albrecht
Bookings: John Fossey


Primary songwriter and producer with guitar/synthesizer duties for this London act encompassing rock, electro, soul and 80s synth-noir. The South London act expired circa 2010 and with origins as a duo, expanded to a live 4 piece, utilising dedicated audio routing in Ableton Live and an elaborate variety of respectable and somewhat unrespectable hats at live shows. Memorable shows include supporting Basement Jaxx at Red Death Lates as part of Punchdrunk's Masque of the Red Death held at BAC. "Without question the most extraordinary dramatic event you will find in any British theatre." - Sunday Telegraph.