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Welcome to the music page. Here you'll be able to hear full compositions from live productions, personal libraries for film, tv and advertising as well as collaborative music projects.

Updated periodically. 100% control of master and synch rights for all tracks. All tracks PRS registered [CAE 610118013].

Musical Projects

A debut EP, entitled ACHIEVING NEPTUNE, was released in June 2013 on

See the video teaser for the EP below produced by David Veltman.

Slide guitar on the song 'Lord Knows' from the new album 'Welcome To The Moon' by Y. Recorded in Los Angeles Sep 2011.

Live performance with exotica/lounge act Spirito Lounge - "The Tarantino of Nu-Lounge!" - in London, March 2013.

'Doctors Without Borders: Medicine On The Edge'

Set in the Democratic Republic Of Congo, the two, one hour episodes capture life of Médecins Sans Frontières, the independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. Broadcast internationally on Current TV.

Listen/Download the original music.

Blind Melon Tribute Album

Released on the Yakmusic label, a haunting cover of Spider's 'Mouthful of Cavaties' was produced for a tribute album to the acclaimed US alternative act, Blind Melon."...I think this is the best sounding recording on the album. I feel like I just took a valium..." [Rogers Stevens, Blind Melon]. Vocals - Jessica Winterstein, Bass - Joe Ruddy.